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About eSport and wicked [klick picture to enlarge]

Professional eSport attracts players as well as fans. It is registering a booming success all around the world. Large companies have already taken notice of the huge potential of the gaming community to spread out their word and products.

It is no longer veiled that fans of eSport are interested in every kind of hardware, software or even whole Personal Computer systems at his working place. They want to call the equipment of professional eSport players theirs, to experience the same gaming feeling and to also become professional one day. Therefore, the community is representing a large number of potential buyers of the latest computer products.

WICKED was founded in november 2007. It’s major aim is to establish itself in the professional eSport. What is needed to reach this goal are marketing partners who support our ambitious plans.

Website Marketing [klick picture to enlarge]

One important step towards players, fans and potential marketing partners as well is a proper representation via the World Wide Web. Thus, we are proud to present our website, which has been professionally created by „lifehosting“. Our website displays factual and professional information about our eSport teams as well as it provides a basis for a large community. In addition, we also provide enough space for discerning animated advertisements. If you choose to advertise on our website you are able to reach a huge community of eSport players as well as fans and visitors.

LAN / Event Marketing [klick picture to enlarge]

LAN-Parties and similar events are already a very important part of the gaming community. Professional teams are trying to represent themselves in the community, to attract the public eye and to play for a decent amount of prize money. These events are pulling in a lot of of people interested in gaming who want to orientate themselves on their professional idols. WICKED also provides to you the possibility of printing your logo and your advertisement on the shirts and caps /clothes of our eSport players worn whenever they attend a gaming event. 

WICKED is searching for strong and confident partners who are interested in reaching fans and players of the gaming community; whether to sell their products or to improve their image in eSport gaming. Because of the high synergy-effects, especially in the marketing section and product placement, we are currently searching for partners like YOU for a successful long-time cooperation in eSport gaming.

Wicked Match wicked vs. Expertise 03:01
Wicked Match WICKED vs. n!faculty 03:00
Wicked Match WICKED vs. nGt 01:03
Wicked Match WICKED vs. sTa 03:02
Wicked Match WICKED vs. A1 Gaming 04:02
Wicked Match WICKED vs. EYE 04:01
Wicked Match wicked vs. German sYndik 01:00
Wicked Match wicked vs. FIRSTBORN.dot 01:00
Wicked Match wicked vs. R4P3D 01:00
Wicked Match Eric vs. XlorD 02:01
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