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WICKED eSports goes Red Alert 3!
ESL profile
at: 05.12.2008 13:48
by: kaltlicht
WICKED eSports is proud to present the new Red Alert 3 team with the player Christoph 'Wilko' Wilkowiecki.

He started his Red Alert career with the announcement of the Red Alert beta and was also a famous player in the Red Alert 3 beta ladder in the ESL.
With the decision to build up a RA3 team, the management focused the young player and now Wilko left his former team Creatic Gaming e.V. to join WICKED eSports. At the moment Wilko is leading the ESL 1 on 1 RA3 ladder with 194 points before the other players, which are the best in Germany, but he also leads the ranking of the AGS cup series with 4 medals. The first big event for Wilko will be the Northcon LAN in Neumünster Germany and he is very proud to represent such a successful Team like WICKED eSports.



Real Name: Christoph Wilkowiecki
Nationality: Germany
Red Alert 3

Statement Wilko:
"I was clanless for almost one year and finally i found one.
And I´m glad that it is a famous one like WICKED eSports.
I have big ambitions in Red Alert 3 and I will try to represent WICKED as well as possible.
And i will train very hard to compete at an international top-level.
Furthermore I will visit many LAN´s in Germany so I will play at the EA-Masters- and WWCL-Finals.
I'm looking forward to make WICKED as famous in Red Alert 3 as they already are in WC3 and DotA.

 Together with his manager Patrick 'Blub.roxx' Freier http://page.wicked-esports.com/files/flags/de.gif who is also team leader of the RA3 team,
Wilko will try to collect as many awards as possible for WICKED.

Statement Blub.roxx:
"Hi my name is Patrick and I´m the new team leader of the RA3 team, but I´m also the new sponsoring scout.
I´m very proud to work in such a successful team like WICKED eSports and I hope I can support this project as good as I can."

We will cheer for Wilko and hope that this will be a successful cooperation.

kaltlicht • 05.12.2008 at 21.36
SiA_SuPerioR • 05.12.2008 at 22.14
54-5 :) go on and welcome. make us more wicked :P
loga • 05.12.2008 at 22.27
happy welcome to best clan eva!
KAUS • 05.12.2008 at 23.48
welcome mate :D
Wilko • 06.12.2008 at 16.05
thx :D
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