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The flaw in the Android plan?
at: 03.12.2008 21:45
by: Abudinka
With presenting the Android operating system earlier this year for mobil phones Google created the first true Open Source mobile phone operating system. It seemed to be a pioneering development, the programming scene booms right now and the first Android phone, the G1 exclusively to be purchase from T-Mobile, also left good impressions.

Therefor the following story is quiete a downstruck for the public image of Android:

An american buisnessman used the G1 for a while now and seemed pleased with its performance till his last trip to Great Britain - and his first one with the phone. Because of the expansive foreing internet serivces he deactivated all internet applications on the phone like streaming services, UTMS or mail box scans to save the money. After getting the bill on moth later he feels like struck with a hammer because he\\\'s to pay the phone company 102.85 US-Dollar. After searching the bil for the reason of amount he discovers that while beeing in the kingdom he was charged every 3 -7 minutes a price of 15 Cent but not for calls or messages. After a lot of calls to the service hotline the department chief tells him the phone is always conected to the net and that this can happen evan if all internet services are deactivated. He\\\'s topay the bill anyhow and the department chief advised him to avoid something like this happenening again he should leave the phone in the states for his next foreign trip.

The big Question is why is the phone connecting to the net every few minuetes with the internet services deactivated??

I will not comment this thing at this place but would be very interesseted what the eYports community thinks about such "arrangments".

detail moreMore informations on T-Mobiles G1
kaltlicht • 04.12.2008 at 12.29
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