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Wicked Match WICKED vs. n!faculty 03:00
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Wicked News
WICKED wins first game in the DL-Playoffs
at: 24.11.2008 13:37
by: SiA_SuPerioR
Wicked.DotA has won the first match in the DL-Playoffs against Imba Dota Pros (IdP). Just one more victory is needed in order to promote to the first division. The next match must be played until the next sunday (30/11/2008) and the enemy will be Cologne Gaming Team.DotA (CGT) and  Mom equals Toilet (Met).

                                                        [ 1:0 ]  

                                                            WICKED                                      IdP

The winner of the manners in the DL-Farm4Fame Tournament #4 is Wicked.DotA. Yesterday they played the quarterfinal against 4 Glory KGB (4gl.kgb) and showed one more time the variety of their skill and performed a nice strategy. Everything was going well until one of the enemy disconnected. The savegame was far away of this drop but still Wicked was mannered and reloaded. Many important upcoming information were given and the push strategy failed, so the game turned. Manners don't win games. Nevertheless Wicked.DotA played a nice tournament.

                                                        [ 0:1 ]  

                                                            WICKED                                    4gl.kgb

This evening (24/11/2008 - 19:00) the most interesting game in the German ESL DotA 5on5 League between Wicked.DotA and Cologne Gaming Team.DotA (CGT) will be broadcasted in ESL.TV and probably in GTV as well. In the last weeks the ESL already casted some games via ESL.radio and GTV together with our beloved Wicked|U_nited :D

Update: Wicked lost :(

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FX-N1NJA • 26.11.2008 at 19.24
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