CEVO CSS - Venom Wins!
WC3L Season XIII Coverage
NGL Two Coverage
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  CDC4 - Fnatic wins! 02.03.2008  
  x6tence Adds a CoD4 division 28.02.2008  
  THE6DEVILS Win CODQCUP January 11.02.2008  
  Multiplay doubles Cod4 prize purse 08.02.2008  
The swarm arrived 04.08
WPL Season VIII Cove 04.08
CEVO CSS - Venom Win 04.08
WC3L Season XIII Cov 04.08
NGL Two Coverage 04.08
wc3l playday9 replay
NGL1 wicked vs BeT
wc3l playday8 replay
wc3l playday7 replay
wicked Players
Intel Friday Night G
WC3L Battlenet Final
A match in the Warcraft Premium League is awaiting for us. This war Wicked-eSports have to face the Russian players from iP. However iP is the underdog in this match Wicked won't underestimate their enemies. This will be a nice match so tune in at 16:00CET.
This Sunday at the NGL-One we meet the American team under the polish flag Delta. In this war Wicked-eSport can gather points, but Delta is not to be underestimate. Tune it at Waaagh!TV and GGTV at 17:00CET!
Its Saturday, April 05, 2008. Southsea is playing the ZOTAC CUP #30 a long way threw the bracket and with only one miss step you're out the game! Find out how SouthSea is doing is this edition off the ZOTAC Cup
WC3L Season XIII Playday 10, 16:00CET wicked-eSport will face PGS Gaming in the last playday of the current season. A show that you can't miss thats what maRt1n promised us! So don't forget to tune in at 16:00CET!
WC3L Season XIII Playday 9, 10:00CET wicked-eSport faced the chinese team World Elite. In this morning for the europeans and for the koreans at the end of the afternoon there was a close battle. Find out who win, read along!
The second playday of the new season of NGL-One. We are facing versus the strong squad of BeT, and we will need the win! Also we need a revenge since BeT won vs WICKED in our last meeting at WC3L!
Wicked Match wicked vs. Incredible Pa 04:00
Wicked Match wicked vs. BenQ DELTAeSP 04:01
Wicked Match wicked vs. Alternate 01:04
Wicked Match wicked vs. World Elite 02:03
Wicked Match wicked vs. BET 04:02
Wicked Match Soccer vs. Who 02:03
Wicked Match wicked vs. fnatic.wc3 03:02
Wicked Match wicked vs. SK.WC3 03:02
Wicked Match wicked vs. Gravitas.WC3 03:02
Wicked Match wicked vs. mouz.WC3 02:04
Deadman < 25 min
Replacement for Michae < 14 h
Next Sentence Please < 8 d
What mouse do you use? < 9 d
Next Word Please < 11 d
How Famous Are You?!?! < 15 d
sk|styla goes inactive < 15 d
Whos the best player a < 16 d
Who is your favourite < 21 d
no country for old man < 27 d
1. 24Gamer 176 Pt
88 Posts 176 Pt
2. chicoIcy 168 Pt
51 Posts 102 Pt
3. Mirraune 150 Pt
75 Posts 150 Pt
4. Songo 112 Pt
55 Posts 110 Pt
5. mark 104 Pt
48 Posts 96 Pt
6. randall_flagg 104 Pt
52 Posts 104 Pt
7. sNoj 90 Pt
45 Posts 90 Pt
8. Stylie 86 Pt
43 Posts 86 Pt
9. maRt1n 84 Pt
41 Posts 82 Pt
10. PuRe! 72 Pt
36 Posts 72 Pt
wicked vs. BET - SocceR ... 06.04
Wicked rox at mymym.com 26.03
Esport League of Champion... 16.03
wicked.SocceR to represe... 15.03
The art of CS 14.03
fnatic suffers SEC penalt... 13.03
The Orc Templar 11.03
A wicked.TeRRoR 04.03
mTw.dk cheating? 05.03
PGS|Darky interviewed 06.02
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EWSC Finals in Cologne
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